What we offer

Changing your RV’s flooring isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures your RV is equipped with a durable floor. We offer a variety of services including hardware, tile, vinyl, and laminate. With our services we also specialize in installation either with our own flooring or yours. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can decide which floor you will get the most from. Free estimates are given to customers within a 10 mile radius from either locations, but we travel as far as 40 miles to provide you with great service.


Hardwood: This style is one of the classic flooring done. It is elegant to look at, but also high maintenance so not ideal for someone looking for durability

Laminate: This style is a great alternative for someone looking for look-a-like hardwood and tile. The material in which this flooring is created from, makes it ideal for durability and occasional accidents that occur without damage.

Vinyl: The unique characteristic of this style is the ability to create various different textures. unlike laminate, vinyl is also capable of created marble, stone, swirl, etc patterns. The downside of of vinyl is its inability to really sustain durability, but still unlike carpet gives a better aesthetic and easy clean surface.DSCF3517
Tile: This style usually comes in two main materials, that being Ceramic or Porcelain. This style also comes with different colors and textured images. These materials are durable, but can overtime be prone to slight cracking because of road movement.